Tuesday, February 28, 2017

4 Most Sought After Technology Professions

Information Technology has proven to become the oxygen that every profession in the world relies upon, in one way or the other. Over the past decade, IT personnel are in a high demand, however, the difference between people other professions and IT is the fact that there are several sub professions or focus groups that one can specialize in.

At the end of the day, the goal is to land a job right after being done with college and for this reason; we are going to go through a list of professions that are being sought for the most in the professional environment.

  1. Cloud Architect
  2. Data storage and access is one of the hottest trends in the world of IT mainly because it is a faster way of accessing data without implying any maintenance of hardware cost. Companies are continuously transitioning their way into cloud based technology in order to take advantage of these benefits. For example, a cloud based call center combines the power of an on premise dialer with the versatility of the cloud. Cloud storage is intangible, however, it still needs to be properly designed and organized for it to work efficiently and effectively. A cloud architect ensures that everything is organized and in place when it comes to the cloud platform for better usage and implementation within a company.
  3. IT Consultant
  4. This profession is as vague as the word consultant may sound, but the basic idea of being a consultant is to have the knowledge that others lack. Research and evaluation of systems defines this profession most closely. An IT Consultant is the requirement of each and every company that deals in IT, ranging from multinational companies to startups that have just set foot in the arena. Therefore, being an IT Consultant can compensate an individual on the hard work that he/she invests in a particular field. I must add that an IT Consultant basically needs a Computer Science degree, but also needs to specialize in a certain niche.
  5. Web Developer
  6. If you are a part of the IT world, you must be well aware of this profession. Web Development is one of the oldest professions of Information Technology and it is here to stay based on the continuous advancements in this particular field. Web Development has grown to become one of the most sought after professions due to the fact that besides developing websites, they are capable enough to develop mobile applications that are hybrid meaning, these applications can run on iOS from Apple, Android from Google, Blackberry, and Windows Platforms. Thanks to web technologies and frameworks.
  7. Data Scientist
  8. Data is contributing to IT in ways that none had ever imagined. It is safe to say that the one thing that will never go out of demand is the handling of data and making meaningful predictions from it. As the name suggests, a data scientist’s job is to make predictions from unstructured data that can contribute towards the advancement and development of a company. Basically, the existence of a Data Scientist in a company helps the company by letting it take smart decision for the growth of the company and to mitigate the risk factor.

10 Quick Tips for Growing Development Teams

Choosing the right set of people to operate in order to achieve something under a single roof is the goal of every startup or growing business. Half of your success is determined by the technical know-how of your team. However, how the team works together also matters to a large extent.

Following are the 10 quick tips for keeping a cohesive team, which is essential for the growth of a developing team.

  1. No hesitation in asking for help
  2. Every day at a developing project is a steep learning process and the process is strengthened by circulation of knowledge across the team. If a team member is hesitant in asking for help from a colleague, there is a huge hindrance in the learning process. Good team members are open to help from each other.
  3. Communication – key factor
  4. Being there for each other at all times is a crucial factor towards the success of a team. For instance, If there is an advancement in a project and it is not properly communicated, chances are someone might make a change that would override that, which would result in further work and thus a waste of vital time.
  5. Individual Research
  6. Every member of a team has to have the commitment to find the answers to questions that they may come across. Communicating individual findings will broaden the horizon of the whole team.
  7. Efficient Hiring Process
  8. Technical know-how is the way to go when talking about effective hiring. If you hire a person is technically sane but not a team worker, it is a gamble which will heavily cost the team eventually.
  9. Fire the Trouble Maker(s)
  10. Startups normally have no space for an error. Make sure the person that is causing a problem is kicked out of the team immediately. The longer the person stays, the greater the damage.
  11. Use the right tools
  12. Implement the tools that can bring the team together without making them waste further energy or time. Tools such as Slack and Trello can bring the team together and ensure communication with the whole team. Google Drive or Dropbox can ensure that everyone is up to date on the advancements at the same time. The list keeps on going, finding the right tools is priority one.
  13. Proper Compensation
  14. Being underpaid in a startup is nothing new. The source for commitment towards a cause can be made sure of if a person is paid properly. Make sure the team is paid in a similar amount and that the amount is sufficient enough.
  15. Set goals
  16. Setting goals for the team in the form of a group is an outstanding way of doing things effectively. Set goals on a 2 months basis and let the team know what they are lacking or excelling at.
  17. Appreciate regularly
  18. Appreciation acts like an energy bar. Make sure the appreciation is delivered religiously is the team achieves a milestone. Couple it up with a bonus or an outing and you are the top of the game.
  19. Bond the team strategically
  20. Hard work followed by a relaxation picnic trip or a trip to the mountains can do wonders. Encourage the team to involve in activities together, that helps with the bonding of the team and also serves as a source of relaxation, resulting in a healthy environment.

7 Earth-Sized Planets Discovered Orbiting Star

Recently the media has been filled with the news about the discovery of seven earth-sized planets revolving round a star that is considered to be 39 light years away from earth. The seven planets that were discovered are also said to be virtually same size as our planet earth. Astronomers are also considering the possibility of some of the planets having same types of atmospheres as earth. Using more sophisticated and advanced telescopes; scientists are now more optimistic that searching for alien life might yield promising results sooner than later. Although this is something that has been speculated to take place several decades from now, with discoveries like this, the chances are even much higher.

It is important to note that the discovery of the earth-sized planets orbiting a single star is the first of its kind. The planets that were discovered were seen to be in close proximity to the Trappist-1 star. When compared to Jupiter, this star is only slightly bigger. According to a University of Liege astrophysicist, Micheal Gillon, The temperature of the star is relatively cold, which makes the seven planets to be temperate – this basically means there is a possibility of these planets having life or some form of liquid water.

Due to the discovery of the seven earth-sized planets, astronomers at NASA prompted a more detailed monitoring from space and the ground. Keep in mind that the peering of NASA’s Spitzer space telescope for about 21 days at the star, in addition to more data received made it possible to discover the seven planets that are orbiting Trappist-1. Just like our planet earth, the astronomers were able to get the size of the planets based on the space of starlight it covered during the observation. To deduce the mass of each of the planets, astronomers considered how the planets were pulled and pushed by each other in the solar system. When it comes to how long it takes the planets to move around the solar system, it basically takes around 20 days to evolve around the star.

What does the discovery mean?

Astronomers are now focusing on whether the planets have atmospheres, which is going to give a deep insight into the possibility of having a habitable environment. Using the Hubble telescope, it is possible to detect water and methane in the alien air – it is, however, important to keep in mind that these can be produced without life. To further explore the possibility of any life form, astronomers are putting resources such as the James Webb Space Telescope, due to be in use by next year. Another instrument, which is a ground-based observatory, is the Giant Magellan Telescope, which will be launched in 2023. Finding out what the planets comprise of can only be done after astronomers finally go to the planets to collect data. There is no doubt that astronomers at NASA will continue working on the mission to discover more features of the newly discovered planets and more.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Microsoft Surface Studio

For several years’ tech giants including Dell, Lenovo, and HP have far surpassed Microsoft when it comes to building outclassed hardware that runs the Windows Operating System. Microsoft has recently joined the arena and is already leading the path for innovation and cool ideas. The company launched the Surface Pro tablet and then with their first laptop known as the Surface, which debuted back in 2015.

The story doesn’t end there, though. Microsoft recently came along with the introduction of their desktop or all-in-one PC, the Microsoft Surface Studio. The best thing about Microsoft is their naming convention. The Microsoft Surface Studio actually serves as a Studio, believe me!


The Microsoft Surface Studio packs a 28-inch super sharp display panel which offers a better resolution than 4K. The actual resolution of the screen is 4500x3000 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and has the ability to exhibit a wide color range. By this point you might consider comparing it with the iMac from Apple, but let me stop you right there. Unlike the iMac, the Microsoft Surface Studio offer a 10 point multi-touch display, which means that you can make the most of the Windows 10 operating system that runs on top of the hardware. Users also have the option to use to the Surface Pen, so that the all the artists can have the taste of powerful computing and ergonomics.

The most innovative thing that Microsoft has added into the Microsoft Surface Studio is the surface dial. The surface dial is a cylindrical knob input device that connects to the Studio wirelessly. The dial inputs different commands based on the rotation and pressure sensitivity. The downside, however, is that it is not compatible with several applications including the Adobe Suite, which is likely the biggest use of the gadget.


Design is the most unique factor in the existence of Microsoft Surface Studio. The 28 inch screen has a zero gravity hinge that moves the display from an upright position all the way down into Studio Mode with one hand. It offers as low as 20 degrees of resting stance that actually feels like the display is hugging the desk, making it extremely comfortable for users and more specifically designers and artists.


Microsoft Surface Studio consists of two CPU configurations. The high-end Core i7-6820HQ processor spins at 2.7 GHz. It offers 32GB of memory which can provide flawless multi-tasking capabilities, coupled with the Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit operating system. The maximum storage space of the Studio is 2TB of HDD and a 128GB SSD.

As far as the display is concerned, the studio comes integrated with 4 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M, which according to many should have been more. Instead of the mobility graphic card, some say it should have included a more powerful desktop graphic card.


Pricing is one of the downsides here, as the Surface Studio retails for $4,199. Moreover, this price doesn’t include the Surface Pen or the Surface Dial. The dial alone costs $99 which is a serious turn off for most of the users. All in all, the Surface Studio is amazing for people who want to get the best experience and don’t mind paying more in order to achieve that.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Predictions for 2017 -- Changes in Business Technology

Every time a year comes to an end, the entire business technology responds with some incredible anticipation and optimism. It never matters how bleak or uneven things were in the previous year; there is always a great anticipation about the brand new year.

The year 2016 is almost coming to an end there is a great hope of great and massive boom in business technology come 2017. Augmentation and technology revolution in the business continue to barrel forward with emerging and disruptive trends escalating every single day. With startup taking over, current businesses have started sporting environments that are rich with the adoption of technology. The emergency of digital transformation globally has helped in reshaping almost all aspects of firms. Herein are some of the expected business technology predictions for the year 2017.

Wireless technology will become the new norm

Hybrid wireless technology will ensure connection of two or more devices and provide a seamless experience for users. Wireless technology has already been adopted by some companies such as Apple which has already launched the iPhone 7 that allows wireless headphones, and they are in line to launch iPhone 8 which is expected to have a wireless charging capability. There is great anticipation for 2017 as other companies want to join in on producing wireless technology as well. Internet and cable providers are also planning to provide wireless services come 2017. Wireless tech will continue to be an essential amenity for most dwelling units.

Internet of things (IoT) will create valuable customer experience

With the latest tools of technology expectations from customers has considerably increased and most firms are looking for a way to ensure that their clients get satisfying experiences from them. IoT is significant in ensuring that this is possible. Thus, it is expected to exceed most customers’ expectation and become valuable. Companies will ensure that customers become smarter through the use of IoT services.

Big data will be a great influencer

Implementation of big data to all organization will become paramount to most firms in the year 2017. The implementation will lead to major upgrades for efficiency and speed with technological change to companies that will have improved data storage. Big data storage will also create a competitive advantage for most companies.

Mobility domination

The mobile workplace is looking forward to becoming the new norm trending come the year 2017. Most businesses have already adopted the current trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and year 2017 will show most firms coming up with strategies to make the most out of the trend. Technology is becoming more mobile making it tough for firms to restrict workers from using their own devices and this will enhance productivity. Cloud-based service will ensure that firms overcome the challenges of mobile technology integrating with their systems. Driven by the mobile technology trend, cloud computing will enormously become popular in the year 2017.

5 Challenges Tech Startups Face

To most of the entrepreneurs, technology has become their industry of choice. It is a wide, fast-growing field attracting ventures and investors capitalists with an enormous payout potential if the startup succeeds. The attraction of launching tech startup is very easy to understand though startups fail to consider the unique risks they are likely going to face in the competitive world of technology. Herein are some of the challenges most tech startups are likely to come up against:

  1. Rapid technological change

    Constant change in technology is the greatest challenge facing most tech startup which can kick them out of the market. There is a lot of pressure to most tech entrepreneurs to move quickly and overcome the fierce competition in the world. If you can’t execute an idea fast enough, the window of opportunity for your product may close even before it is ready for the market.

  2. Hiring employees

    It is paramount to most tech startup to hire too many people before they can get ready in the market and this can be a big challenge for most startups. Tech startups are the fastest growing business and are attracting a huge amount of funding though it is very hard to accommodate such a growth well. These startups are notorious for hiring too many workers prematurely and over scaling which leads to its failure. New tech businesses also face the challenge of being unable to attract top talent employees into the startup environment. These challenges usually affect startups because of their limited cash flow.

  3. Cyber risks

    Nearly most of the businesses entirely depend on the web, other businesses such as retail stores don’t have the same kind of cyber security as tech startup operating online. Most tech startups serve the business to business market meaning that other firms highly depend on them in order to run their own businesses smoothly. Since tech firms provide a service or product that helps other entrepreneurs perform, they are open to risks of errors, omission, and other exposures.

  4. Fierce competition

    Tech startups face a steeper competition than most of other startups in other industries do. The competition is fierce because of the relatively low barriers to entry. There are so many opportunities to most tech entrepreneurs because most of the customers in this industry are always ready and willing to try new and untested technologies in the market. Because of the rapid growth in technology, there is always a tough competition among tech startup and other established businesses that come up with newer, better, and cheaper products. However, startups normally have a great reward when they find a niche market and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

  5. Inability to attain initial goals

    Because of the rapid growth in technology most tech startups face a stiff challenge of being unable to attain their initial goals hindering them from completing what they had initially set in their startup. Due to this growth, startups refuse to accept failure in their business and the changing directions and let their business just to lie stagnant. In the world of technology, it is important for startups always to try again if they fail and try to achieve their goals much faster.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Why Should Startups Hire Consultants When Starting Their Business?

Consultants are a team of experts in a specific area of business who transfer knowledge to companies at a fee. Some startups are devoid of several essential skills and expertise needed for the proper running of various departments. These experts provide informed advice on specific issues that could be dragging the business down. Once the problematic area is resolved, the consultant leaves the startup in a better place and more likely to succeed in the area.

Present a third opinion

It is sometimes hard for the startup owner to realize that they are making a mistake because they are relying on their own thinking. A consultant evaluates their ideas and goals and gives an expert opinion. The consultant also comes in handy in family-run startups where a radical idea may create disharmony in the running of the business.

Provide expertise at lower price

Most startups are cash strapped. They do not have enough money to hire and maintain highly skilled individuals in each area for business. Fortunately, they can rely on the consultants when they need expertise in dealing with a matter at the business. The consultant only charges for the specific task. Thus, he is cheaper than hiring staff.

Temporary replacement

A consultant can fill the role that has been left open by a worker until you have found a replacement. This is important especially in cases where the job is critical to the running of the business, and the hiring process might take too long for the temporary fill.

Support the transition

Transitions are common in business. The startup could be adopting a new management system, changing locations and business model, changing the business structure, or buying off another business. The changes have a negative effect on the working of the staff. A consultant helps in managing the change and transition to new ways of doing business so that it has little negative effect on the workings of the company.

Support of projects

Consultants assist in ensuring that business projects such as buying and commissioning of new equipment or buildings are done as per the business and legal requirements. This saves the startup from wasting time on projects that it has no expertise in while ensuring that quality standards are met.

There are consultants in accounting, marketing, human resource, IT, building and construction, and legal among others. Startups should identify the area of weakness and seek the assistance of a consultancy.