Friday, March 11, 2016

Is Running Your Own Remote Call Center a Good Solution for You?

There’s nothing more irritating than feeling tethered to your desk while dealing with the uncertainty of not knowing where your career is going. We all dream of being our own bosses or achieving autonomy within our professional lives, but we ultimately discard those notions and regard them as only wishful thinking.

But, with virtual call center software, it is now possible for everyone to be their own boss.

Starting your own virtual call center requires very little in terms of start up: if you have a computer and a headset you’re ready to go.

The next step is creating a business plan. Try to get as organized as you can. This is obviously going to vary depending on what you want to use your virtual call center to achieve, but giving yourself an idea of what it is you want to achieve through is a good way of starting off

After you have any idea of what you want to ask yourself what tools you’ll need.

You’ll most likely want to find virtual call center software to try and navigate through some of the more technical and legal nuances in this process. Good call center software will integrate your current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and integrate it. It will also scrub that list for numbers that are registered on the “Do Not Call List” which should help you avoid any sticky interactions with the FCC.

I would recommend which is now offering free trials. They are on top of predictive dialing, automatic dialing, and even offer a great CRM platform.

I also recommend visiting this and this website to get some ideas on crafting a good script.

Good luck and happy calling!

3 Tips for Being More Effective at Work

1.Plug in
Wearing headphones and putting some music on is a fantastic way to detach yourself from the distractions of your office. With noise and coworkers coming in and out of your cubicle it can be difficult to abstain from distractions.

2. Check your emails a little less often
Checking your emails while you’re trying to work makes you less productive. Stopping what you’re doing to review something else and then attempting to pick up where you left off takes a considerable amount of time.

3. Learn how to prioritize
Your time is valuable and when you’re organized you can make the most out of it. When receiving a new project take a quick moment to skim through and ask any questions you have upfront. Ask more questions! Find out all you can about deadlines, sensitive information. From there just decide what needs to get done now and what can get done later.

Do you have any more tips for how to be more effective? Feel free to comment below.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Attitude is Everything

Certain events that occur are beyond our control; that may be one of our least favorite parts of life. These events, while unpleasant, ultimately help shape us into the people that we are. They have the opportunity to allow us to show our true character and to become better people. While it  may be hard to see this in the moment, it's important to never lose hope. Hope is the one thing in life that can always motivate us to be more.

These trying times are when your support system and the people that care about you are the most important. It can be difficult to let other people know that you need help, but no person is an island.

Many people are afraid to share their feelings with their loved ones for fear of feeling like a burden, but more often than not those we care about are happy to extend comfort to someone in their time of need.

During difficult periods in your life it's also important to keep pushing yourself to be present. Take the time to enjoy the things you've always enjoyed. Don't let who you are fundamentally be changed by negative experiences. Learning how to take a little time to care for yourself is something will benefit you endlessly during difficult times.