Tuesday, February 28, 2017

10 Quick Tips for Growing Development Teams

Choosing the right set of people to operate in order to achieve something under a single roof is the goal of every startup or growing business. Half of your success is determined by the technical know-how of your team. However, how the team works together also matters to a large extent.

Following are the 10 quick tips for keeping a cohesive team, which is essential for the growth of a developing team.

  1. No hesitation in asking for help
  2. Every day at a developing project is a steep learning process and the process is strengthened by circulation of knowledge across the team. If a team member is hesitant in asking for help from a colleague, there is a huge hindrance in the learning process. Good team members are open to help from each other.
  3. Communication – key factor
  4. Being there for each other at all times is a crucial factor towards the success of a team. For instance, If there is an advancement in a project and it is not properly communicated, chances are someone might make a change that would override that, which would result in further work and thus a waste of vital time.
  5. Individual Research
  6. Every member of a team has to have the commitment to find the answers to questions that they may come across. Communicating individual findings will broaden the horizon of the whole team.
  7. Efficient Hiring Process
  8. Technical know-how is the way to go when talking about effective hiring. If you hire a person is technically sane but not a team worker, it is a gamble which will heavily cost the team eventually.
  9. Fire the Trouble Maker(s)
  10. Startups normally have no space for an error. Make sure the person that is causing a problem is kicked out of the team immediately. The longer the person stays, the greater the damage.
  11. Use the right tools
  12. Implement the tools that can bring the team together without making them waste further energy or time. Tools such as Slack and Trello can bring the team together and ensure communication with the whole team. Google Drive or Dropbox can ensure that everyone is up to date on the advancements at the same time. The list keeps on going, finding the right tools is priority one.
  13. Proper Compensation
  14. Being underpaid in a startup is nothing new. The source for commitment towards a cause can be made sure of if a person is paid properly. Make sure the team is paid in a similar amount and that the amount is sufficient enough.
  15. Set goals
  16. Setting goals for the team in the form of a group is an outstanding way of doing things effectively. Set goals on a 2 months basis and let the team know what they are lacking or excelling at.
  17. Appreciate regularly
  18. Appreciation acts like an energy bar. Make sure the appreciation is delivered religiously is the team achieves a milestone. Couple it up with a bonus or an outing and you are the top of the game.
  19. Bond the team strategically
  20. Hard work followed by a relaxation picnic trip or a trip to the mountains can do wonders. Encourage the team to involve in activities together, that helps with the bonding of the team and also serves as a source of relaxation, resulting in a healthy environment.

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