Saturday, December 10, 2016

Predictions for 2017 -- Changes in Business Technology

Every time a year comes to an end, the entire business technology responds with some incredible anticipation and optimism. It never matters how bleak or uneven things were in the previous year; there is always a great anticipation about the brand new year.

The year 2016 is almost coming to an end there is a great hope of great and massive boom in business technology come 2017. Augmentation and technology revolution in the business continue to barrel forward with emerging and disruptive trends escalating every single day. With startup taking over, current businesses have started sporting environments that are rich with the adoption of technology. The emergency of digital transformation globally has helped in reshaping almost all aspects of firms. Herein are some of the expected business technology predictions for the year 2017.

Wireless technology will become the new norm

Hybrid wireless technology will ensure connection of two or more devices and provide a seamless experience for users. Wireless technology has already been adopted by some companies such as Apple which has already launched the iPhone 7 that allows wireless headphones, and they are in line to launch iPhone 8 which is expected to have a wireless charging capability. There is great anticipation for 2017 as other companies want to join in on producing wireless technology as well. Internet and cable providers are also planning to provide wireless services come 2017. Wireless tech will continue to be an essential amenity for most dwelling units.

Internet of things (IoT) will create valuable customer experience

With the latest tools of technology expectations from customers has considerably increased and most firms are looking for a way to ensure that their clients get satisfying experiences from them. IoT is significant in ensuring that this is possible. Thus, it is expected to exceed most customers’ expectation and become valuable. Companies will ensure that customers become smarter through the use of IoT services.

Big data will be a great influencer

Implementation of big data to all organization will become paramount to most firms in the year 2017. The implementation will lead to major upgrades for efficiency and speed with technological change to companies that will have improved data storage. Big data storage will also create a competitive advantage for most companies.

Mobility domination

The mobile workplace is looking forward to becoming the new norm trending come the year 2017. Most businesses have already adopted the current trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and year 2017 will show most firms coming up with strategies to make the most out of the trend. Technology is becoming more mobile making it tough for firms to restrict workers from using their own devices and this will enhance productivity. Cloud-based service will ensure that firms overcome the challenges of mobile technology integrating with their systems. Driven by the mobile technology trend, cloud computing will enormously become popular in the year 2017.

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