Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Zealand Approves Drone Deliveries

There's a major buzz encompassing some companies utilizing drones for delivery-related tasks. A few companies have begun actualizing and testing drone delivery services. Whatever the situation, more often than not this thought is looked upon as just a dream not prepared to be satisfied soon enough. It has become a reality for some cities in the world and drone delivery has been used in those cities for some time now, as delivery time is drastically reduced when compared with using drivers that often get stuck in traffic. Companies that are already using drones for delivery have their productivity to show for it since more customers can receive what they ordered for within the shortest possible time. To further look into drone delivery, let's consider some major providers of the drone delivery service today.

Drone Delivery in New Zealand

New Zealand has approved the use of drones for delivery, and the first drone delivery was over Auckland, which most people were amazed by. Although it was the coordinated efforts of two companies to make it possible, the successful delivery has given a new meaning to drone delivery in general; since it was only seen in theory in the past. Actualizing this dream is a step in the right direction because now more companies are beginning to appreciate the possibility of integrating drone delivery services to their delivery processes, which is guaranteed to reduce cost and save time.

The Amazon Prime Air

Amazon has been handling orders from millions of people from all over the world for several years now. The company has become a household name for online shopping and also in Information Technology with products such as the Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company has Prime Air, where packages are sent to online shoppers using drones. Like any other company utilizing this delivery method, Amazon has been reaping the benefits. With the approval of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Amazon was able to expand its delivery services using drones, which deliver packages than delivery vans.

Google X Venture Wing

Google is another company that is taking a shot at automated delivery using flying vehicles. Google has been doing this for some time now, with the first announcement in August 2014. The drones used by the Venture Wing project take off vertically and carefully rotate to a stable horizontal position for flying around in the city. The drone hovers and drops the package to the specified address.

The future of drone delivery

Delivering packages using drones is a process that is here to stay and although there are some challenges that come with it, the benefits overweigh those challenges. Using drones to deliver packages to your customers simply means you need to get approval from the authorities, depending on the country you wish to carry out drone delivery. Tall buildings and skyscrapers are often seen as obstacles to drones, considering the fact that there is a limit to how high they can fly. Generally, the process makes things easier for the delivery companies since delivery time is drastically reduced, keeping the company more effective and the customers happy.

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