Monday, February 29, 2016

More Employees Are Voluntarily Quitting

There has been a recent trend in suggesting that employees begin to plan for “unexpected career changes”, meaning they need to start planning ahead just in case they decide to quit. Why is it that we have to begin cultivating the mentality of always being prepared for a better job?
There is a prevalent notion that job security is a thing of the past. Employees no longer feel as though a job can translate over to a career.

Trends would suggest that the quit rate is the highest it has been in several years, with the job market finally beginning to stabilize itself the question still remains: why?

Employers still aren’t giving their employees enough incentive to stay. With the cost of living constantly, rising employees can’t afford to have job loyalty anymore. Sure, they offer you “job security”, but what that ends up translating to is a low paying job for the next five years.

Rather than addressing that issue employers have been quick to offer quick solutions to attempt and create worker happiness. They’ve stocked up the break room and offer quick (cheap) solutions to attempt and help.

It’s time for employers to realize that job seekers are now feeling more empowered than ever and less likely to settle for low pay and office politics.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Importance of Living Graciously

The phrase, “Live graciously,” sounds like something you would find written on a chalkboard behind a hashtag at a coffee shop in Downtown Los Angeles that charges ten dollars for a cup of coffee.
It sounds like on those silly empty phrases that people just throw around because it really is. Without any actual effort into implementing an ideology into your everyday life, any motivational phrase will ultimately be a hollow statement.

What does it actually mean to live graciously?

It means being grateful for your job that might be causing you stress that day because that job helps you support yourself and puts food on the table.The objective of that kind of thinking isn’t to shame yourself or to feel ungrateful, it’s to put things in perspective and to alleviate some of those negative thoughts that accumulate throughout the day.

Optimism isn’t inherently ingrained in us. Those traits are something that you have to work and build upon on a daily basis. The difference that a change in word choice makes is astounding. You’ll have to actively remind yourself to be positive because, as creatures of habit, our nature is always leading us back into the comfort of our old actions.