Monday, August 8, 2016

To Link or Not To Link

We live in an age of media. With smart devices in nearly every pocket or purse, the idea of “availability” has taken on a whole new meaning; there is no way to get around that. Almost everyone everywhere has some form of a smart device whether it is a tablet, smart phone, an iPod with Wi-Fi connection, or even a smart watch to alert them when they receive an incoming call or a text message.

It used to be that unless an individual was physically in their office or at home, they were “out of the office” or simply, “unavailable” to take a call or answer their emails. Now, most of us have a home phone, an in-office work phone, a personal cell phone, and, newest of them all, an email account that can alert your smart device whenever you receive an incoming message. It is almost virtually impossible to be unable to get a hold of someone unless they turn their email or text message alerts off or on silent.

So it beckons the question: “Should my work email be attached to my personal cell phone?”

There are definitely pros and cons to this particular inquiry, and we have taken the liberty to discuss some of those pros and cons to help you decide where you stand on the matter.

If work is at the very top of your priority list, then having your work email alert you on your personal cell phone whenever you get a message is a great tool. It allows the freedom to get out of the office to go for a walk, grab some coffee, or to work from home once work hours are over if need be. Another pro is that it allows for instant recall of important information before meeting with clients or important prospects- all of the information they sent you is right there in your work email and is available to you anywhere you are. It also allows for you to be able to go on extended vacation without having to worry about what is going on back at the office. You will be able to connect with your important clients from wherever you are, therefore making them feel important and of utmost priority to you.

If family, however, is at the top of your priority list, or if you become easily stressed out when it feels like work follows you wherever you go, then having your work email attached to your personal cell phone may not be the best choice for you. It has the potential to offer the picture that you are always working and cannot focus on what matters to your significant other, kids, or loved ones. It also has the potential to cause significant stress during your time off and may interfere with the rest and relaxation you desperately need. Unless you are someone with incredible discipline to be able to separate “work” from “family time” or “independent introvert time”, then it may be best for you to unlink your email from your personal cell phone and leave responding to work emails for whenever you are actually at work.  

Either way, it truly depends on what values stand highest on your personal priority totem pole and it also depends on what you truly want most out of life. If being available 100% of the time to your clients is the most important thing to you, then linking your work email and your cell phone is great! But if you, however, truly need time away from the office to recharge and invest in other things, then having your work email and your personal cell phone linked may be unwise. 

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